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Absolut Facet

The best nights happen out of the blue

You know those nights out when you have no expectations whatsoever, and they turned out to be the experience of a lifetime? Or those unexpected turns of events that still feel surreal when you wake up the next morning?

Absolut Facet, the blue bottle with its asymmetrical design, is a manifestation of those moments — how the best nights happen out of the blue. The round edges of the bottle have been cut into like a gem, creating a number of facets reflecting the light in unique ways symbolizing the many directions a night out can take you.

To celebrate the unplanned and spontaneous, we collaborated with Spotify to develop the digital platform Discover, a service generating unexpected playlists based on the combined music taste of your friends. Depending on the mood of the tune, we tuned our recommendations of Absolut drinks to help get in that mood.

A series of films were rolled out, depicting various unforgettable and unexpected nights from different individual perspectives. Whether it’s making new, or bonding even closer to existing friends, these connections are the root of all memorable nights and the core message Absolut Facet was going for.

The global launch of the approximately two and a half million Absolut Facet bottles was held in Amsterdam, in collaboration with the Amsterdam Dance Event in October 2016.





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Absolut Vodka Original

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