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Absolut WARHOL.

The 2024 Limited Edition Absolut Original Vodka celebrates the legacy of collaboration between two historical icons, Andy Warhol and Absolut Vodka, mixing the past into the present.

Absolut Vodka has a long history of collaborating with artists, and over 800 artworks have been created over the years based on the unique Absolut bottle silhouette. The first and most iconic was Andy Warhol, with his original artwork Absolut Warhol. For 35 years, another painting attributed to Warhol from 1985 was overlooked. Until, by a stroke of luck, the work unexpectedly resurfaced in 2020.

We’re now bringing the recovered artwork back to the public’s eye with an ABSOLUT WARHOL limited-edition artistic bottle design revealing elements of the painting from every angle—celebrating the legacy of collaboration between two historical icons – mixing the past into the present.

Be the first to own an icon. Available exclusively in duty-free shops for a limited time.

bottle design

Bottle design

The bottle’s design elements feature a unique and immersive design with artistic blue brushstrokes that bring Warhol’s iconic painting to life, magnified by the Absolut Vodka liquid. In true Warhol fashion, every color is extracted directly from the original painting and made with multi-layer screen printing to create a hand-painted feeling to the touch. The bottle also has a QR code screen-printed on the back, opening a portal into the world of Warhol and the story behind the collaboration — if you want to know more head over to our Warhol page here.

absolut Warhol Frame 1

absolut Warhol Frame 2

absolut Warhol Frame 3

absolut Warhol Frame 4

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Andy Warhol’s sweet tooth was no secret and his love for bananas, chocolate, and cornflakes are all reflected in this modern take on a milk punch to create his signature cocktail. This delicious drink is easy to make but needs a few hours in the fridge. Still, the amazingly unique taste makes it all worth it.

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Enjoy Responsibly. Do not forward to anyone under legal drinking age.