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Absolut Nights Nordic Spice


Absolut Nights Nordic Spice delivers just that: a liquid carefully crafted to be enjoyed as a shot that brings a multi-dimensional flavor experience. Craft and heritage are combined to create this fresh, spicy, smooth, velvety taste, infused vodka with green cardamom, ginger, and apple, best served in a chilled shot glass.


This complementary balance of sweet and spicy flavors comes in a bottle with stand-out electric green glass, an urban-inspired screen print, and complementary black accents to evoke high energy. The evocative “X”  is inspired by the street art that brightens the city streets at night in the Nordics.


”Absolut Nights Nordic Spice is fresh, spicy and smooth with a distinct character of green cardamom. The taste is juicy and well balanced with a spiced kick!”

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Made with natural flavor

nordic spice shots


Absolut Nights Nordic Spice neat

Keep Absolut Nights in Freezer or fridge, pour into shot glass from there.

Alternative 1: Keep Absolut Nights bottle on ice, pour into shot glass from there.

Alternative 2: Shake Absolut Nights over ice in a shaker, strain chilled liquid into a shot glass (note, this will cause some dilution)


Absolut Nights Nordic Spice with chaser

Chilled Absolut Nordic Spice Shot, chased with carbonated orange soda.


Absolut Nights Nordic Spice with flavored rim

Chilled Absolut Nordic Spice Shot served in a shot glass rimmed with a mix of finely ground coffee and sugar cocoa powder.

Absolut Nights Nordic Spice, 35% ABV

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Please enjoy Absolut responsibly.

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Enjoy Responsibly. Do not forward to anyone under legal drinking age.