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Absolut India 2.0

Home of the Tiger

Thanks to many conscious conservation efforts, India is now the home of 70 percent of the world’s tiger population. For the sequel of our highly appreciated and successful Absolut India Limited Edition Bottle, paying homage to its national animal was a natural given.

With no less than 2,400 artistic contribution from the crowdsourcing platform Talenthouse India, the National Institute of Designalumnus Ajay Boga exceeded everyone’s expectations, and became Absolut’s next creative collaborator to honour our iconic bottle with his unique piece of art.

Ajay’s motif was inspired by the strength and the courage of a tiger, with various Indian patterns and elements highlighting the diversity, culture, energy and pride that the nation holds;

Peacock symbolising elegance, Banyan symbolising immortality and a depiction of India’s rich ethnic diversity. All of which beautifully comes together to form the majestic tiger.

Ajay’s inspiration also inspired us. We decided to team up with the organization“The Guardbook”and provided 180 anti-poaching camps with renewable energy, for the guards to live a safer life while trying to preserve the tiger and its ecosystem.

With our second limited edition for India, we are starting to understand why the tiger like it here.





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Ajay Boga


Bottle 1000ml


Absolut Vodka Original

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