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How to Eat Caviar and Vodka!

Caviar and Vodka – Arguably one of the most iconic and decadent combos there is. This week on Absolut Drinks with Elyse, we’re gonna show you some of our favorite ways to enjoy this dynamic duo as well as a few simple snack pairings to go along with your luxurious caviar. But before we start slurping, we’ll do a proper vodka tasting and bust a few myths about our favorite spirit. Let’s get into it!

Vodka Myths:
Myth #1: Doesn’t Vodka just taste like water?
This myth actually comes from the way Vodka used to be defined in the US. According to that definition, Vodka is supposed to be a spirit so distilled that it’s completely neutral in taste, aroma and color. In other words, it had to taste, smell and look like water to be defined as Vodka. However, different Vodkas are made using different ingredients, which should and does lend differing characteristics to them. Luckily, this definition was changed in 2020 to better reflect that different Vodka – just like other spirits – might taste, smell and look different from each other.

Myth #2: Is Vodka made from potatoes?
While this may be true for some, Vodka is made using a whole range of different ingredients from wheat, rye, and potatoes. Absolut Vodka is made from Winter Wheat harvested in Åhus, giving it that smooth, almost sweet flavor we’re so proud of.

Myth #3: Can you “Upgrade” bad Vodka by filtering it?
No. Very good vodka comes from distillation. At Absolut, we use a process called “Continuous Distillation” which allows us to kind of pick and choose which flavors and particles we want to keep, ending up with exceptionally smooth Absolut Vodka. To learn more about vodka, don’t miss our “5 Facts about vodka you would never believe” article here.

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