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Vodka is the most used spirit for cocktails — largely due to its neutral flavor, or a flavor enhancer, as we like to call it. Vodka is usually made from grains like rye, rice, wheat, and vegetables such as corn and potatoes. Nowadays, some distilleries even try using fruits like grapes and apples. Unlike many other liquors, vodka doesn’t have strict rules for how it’s made, so people can get creative with the process.

But hey, we’re sure you already know a thing or two about vodka, but did you know this?

1. Vodka was used as medicine

In the early days of vodka, it was used as medicine and was thought to have magical powers that could heal your wounds and sooth your soul. We don’t know about the soul part, but it has been proven that vodka can sometimes heal wounds, although careful application is required.  

2. Vodka actually means water

Yeah, it does, in Russian. It originates from the Russian word “voda,” which translates to water. It is likely that it gained its name from its clear look and seemingly taste-less flavor.

3. Vodka was once used as currency

In the past, vodka served as a form of currency due to its immunity to inflation. It was utilized to purchase goods, services, and even to settle taxes. The government implemented a specific “vodka tax” to contribute to wartime expenses. Presently, in certain regions worldwide, vodka continues to be utilized as currency, and in Russia, it remains a common medium of exchange for goods and services.

4. The percentage of alcohol cannot be less than 37.5-40%

For an alcoholic beverage to be classified as vodka in the United States, it must contain no less than 40 percent alcohol by volume (ABV). In the European Union, however, the restriction is slightly less, and must be at least 37.5 percent by volume. Our own Absolut vodka contains 40% and Absolut Elyx contains 42.3%. 

5. Vodka is usually distilled multiple times

Why might you ask? Distillation is how vodka gets pure as the process removes impurities from the vodka, leaving you with a clean spirit. Each time it’s distilled, the alcohol content and purity go up a bit. Vodkas are usually distilled three or four times, but some can go as high as ten times. At Absolut, we’re even proud to say that we distill our vodka continuously, and our distillation is CO2-neutral.



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