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What’s on the menu of our Wheat programme?

Ok, so given that you’re an avid reader of this blog you know about the incentivised system we have with our wheat farmers (cheat: read previous sustaiability post). But maybe you’re hungry for more details? Let’s take a dive into this buffet of tools.

Basically, what the Absolut Wheat Sustainability Programme addresses, are three things; climate, biodiversity and soil health. How? By a number of activities that implemented in a farm, contributes to improve at least one of those three areas.

For instance, using renewable fuels in tractors reduces CO2 emissions from your farm which is good for the climate and therefor awards you points. Or growing flowers creates wintering opportunities for insects, and beetles, which is great for the biodiversity and therefor awards you points. Or using organic fertilizers instead of mineral ones creates better soil health and therefor awards you points. Easy.

So every supplier has to reach at least 12 points but it’s up to them which activities on the menu to implement on their farm – no one-fits-all solutions in this programme.

To learn more about the Absolut Wheat Sustainability, click here.


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