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What’s going on in our farming community?

Did you know there actually is such a thing as win-win collabs? Even in our line of work. We call it the Absolut Wheat Sustainability Programme.

If we break it down, the use of wheat in our vodka is currently contributing about a third of our total carbon footprint. So by using locally farmed wheat only, we can work in tight partnership with our farmers to better those numbers.

Our supplying farms are run by some very eco-forward people, which makes it easier. We’re working together within an incentivized point-based system that allows us to push boundaries and practices even further. Not only when it comes to the quality of the wheat, but when it comes to how to grow it even more sustainably. 

In a nutshell – with every improvement in farming methods, resulting in lowered environmental impact and improved water and soil quality points are added.

And not only is this a way for our partnering farmers to make great even better, or for us to reduce our footprint, it’s also for the others in the region to be inspired by what they see is possible. Knowledge is power and the trickling down-effect of knowledge, a great for all bonus!

To learn more about the Absolut Wheat Sustainability, click here.



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