Absolut Elyx

Absolut Elyx is a true luxury vodka, built on the principles of quality, integrity and craftsmanship, manually distilled in a copper still. The result is an award winning vodka with a rich and smooth mouth feel. We call it liquid silk. Perfect for your martinis or even on the rocks.



Clean, rich, rounded, fresh bread and notes of white chocolate and light cereal and with a deep mellow spice.


Full bodied, luscious silky mouthfeel with waves of rich macadamia nuts, creamed cereal and garnishes of white chocolate and buttery notes of freshly baked bread. Light fresh nuttiness with a well-balanced hint of mellow spice and pure balanced richness.


Rounded mellow spice with fresh nuttiness and a well balanced warm smooth finish.

Some tips on Absolut Elyx enjoyment


  • Pour 2 parts Absolut Elyx over
  • hand-chipped ice in a rocks glass.
  • Garnish with a lemon zest or star anise.

Served over hand-chipped ice in a rocks glass is the ultimate expression of Absolut Elyx. Sipped slow and savored. Perfectly garnished with a freshly cut lemon zest or star anise.


  • Dry: 10 parts Absolut Elyx, 1 part Lillet Blanc
  • Wet: 2 parts Absolut Elyx, 1 part Lillet Blanc
  • Stir Absolut Elyx and Lillet Blanc over cubed ice and strain into a chilled cocktail coupe. Garnish with a lemon zest or green olive.

The indisputable king of cocktails. An Absolut Elyx Martini is the perfect way to celebrate the rich and silky mouthfeel of our luxurious spirit in a mixed drink. Serve chilled, either wet or dry. Ensure it reaches the hands of your guest as cold as possible.


  • 2 parts Absolut Elyx
  • 1 part Fino Sherry
  • 1 Freshly Chopped Orange Wedge
  • (squeezed and discarded)
  • Top Tonic Water

Build in a highball glass over cubed ice. Garnish with an orange wedge.

Nutritional Information

Typical values Per 10g alcohol Per serving*
Calories (kcal) 70 98.1
Total fat (g) 0 0
– Saturates (g) 0 0
Carbohydrates (g) 0 0
Sugar (g) 0 0
Proteins (g) 0 0
Sugars (g) 0 0
*Serving = 44 ml