Absolut Invite

Absolut Invite

Absolut Invite

Everyone who has worked in a bar knows the team is everything, so instead of focusing on the lonely genius making drinks for a maximum of five guests per hour, we're hosting the world's greatest competition for bar teams.

Absolut Invite is our global bartending competition for the bartenders who excel when the bar is pumping, the music is right and the guests are five deep. For the bartenders who smile throughout the evening because they know they're in it together, predicting every move, never missing a beat and mixing drinks like rock stars.

Absolut Invite starts with local heats and finishes with the Global Final in Sweden, the mother land of Absolut. During the finals the bar teams will be challenged on knowledge, skills, speed and creative drink mixing. The three-day event takes place in the village of Åhus, where every drop of Absolut is distilled and Sweden's buzzing capital, Stockholm.

From humble beginnings in just a few countries, we're proud to announce that the 2017 Absolut Invite edition brings bartenders together from all over the world. Will the rising suns of China combat the perfect sunsets of Puerto Rico? Will the heat of South Africa melt the cool of Sweden? Bar teams from these countries and many more will give you the answers in June.

The winning team will get the chance to work in partnership with Absolut for a year and be taken on a journey around the globe that money can't buy. So put a smile on your face, a vodka soda in your hand and prepare for Absolut Invite 2017.

For more information on the local competition heats please contact your local Absolut Vodka representative in your market. For any global enquires please contact:

Jonas Gustafsson - Global Brand Manager Absolut Vodka

Ricardo Dynan - Global Brand Ambassador Absolut Vodka