No Matter How You Mix, Mix With Respect

 Mixing is an art.

When we blend and share with others without imposing or losing ourselves in the process, when we strike that perfect balance – we have the possibility to create something new and live something memorable.

Humans live to mix, and so does Absolut.

 Enter a year and a half of total separation – where we were not allowed with our friends and loved ones. It’s been lonely. It’s been brutal. And the only thing that can heal our suspended lives is for us to be together again. To hug, to toast, to rub shoulders with strangers while jousting for a spot at our favorite bar.

 It’s no wonder that as the world reopens, that pent-up mixing crave is going to come out roaring in spectacular force. Yet, we’re still not free from harm, and if we’re going to be back mixing for the long haul, one key ingredient needs to be infused: Respect.

It’s only by respecting others and respecting ourselves that we will finally get back into doing what we do best. To be with others as a wonderful part of the mix. Absolut wants the world to mix in every way possible, as long as we…



Wear Your Statement

With in person connections making a bold comeback this summer, Absolut is encouraging fans to #MixResponsibly - a rally cry to prioritize open communication and setting boundaries for both yourself and others. Absolut, in partnership with Serena Kerrigan and Michaela Jaé (Mj) Rodriguez, is launching a limited-edition apparel collection, Summer Comeback Statements by Absolut, featuring a series of cheeky statements designed to help anyone broadcast their boundaries while they mix this summer and beyond.

Participate & Share How You #MixResponsibly

Help us put more respect out into the world during a time where we need it most. Click the images below to join the conversation on our social channels and share what #MixResponsibly means to you:

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