Drink Responsibly. #LoveResponsibly 


For the better part of a year, we’ve existed nearly on top of those we love - living and working, exercising and eating, having me-time and we-time - all in the same space. Packed together by pandemic necessity, with lovers or roommates or parents or even alone, many of us have forgotten what it means to be open to others and to love with respect and compassion.

 Absolut believes that we are better together and has always stood for inclusion and authentic connections. We also know that alcohol has the power to bring people together and create true connections. But when over-consumed, it can catalyze negative actions, reduce our tolerance for each other and diminish our ability to empathize – problems that can lead to further deterioration of already strained relationships.

At a time when nearly 40% of Americans report that their closest loving relationships have been strained by the pandemic, Absolut is launching Drink Responsibly, #LoveResponsibly to shine a spotlight on the different ways to love responsibly and acknowledge that being together shouldn’t pull us apart. We will feature snapshots of love in the pandemic era that inspire everyone -- no matter who they love and how they love -- to love responsibly.    


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