We’ve combined our love for cocktails and art, commissioning 10 incredible artists to let their imaginations run wild.

The task? Use their creative skill set to add a new unique design onto the iconic Absolut bottle.

Their inspiration? Classic cocktails of course – the Espresso Martini and Passion Star Martini.

The artists have expressed their creativity and shared their final designs, and we now have a winning design….We are delighted to announce that the winning design was created by Caroline Dowsett.

Thank you to all 10 artists who took part in #AbsolutCreate, we have loved sharing your enthusiasm and creativity.

Design Inspo and Bio - Alex Prince

This design is inspired by 80's Soho when the Espresso Martini was invented, holidays abroad and ancient mythology.

Alexander Prince is a multi disciplined artist from Leeds. Using vivid, conceptual based illustration and moving image techniques for products, editorials, advertising campaigns and one-off commissions. His style focuses on a strong use of colour, form and character to bring together the imagery associated with society and nature.

Design Inspo and Bio - Andrew Hudson

After tasting the Passion Star Martini’s punchy, fruity flavours, I used the drinks taste profile as inspiration for the words and colours in my design. I also wanted to capture the perfect serve, and hero the drink as the ’star’ of the show, so I placed an illustration of the martini glass along with pineapple and passion fruit dead centre on the front of the bottle.

Andrew Hudson is an illustrator and lettering artist from London. He draws inspiration from his surroundings and sounds, be it signage, lyrics or simply overheard conversations to create his bold and colourful design style.

Design Inspo and Bio - Anna Borup

I was excited to use the Espresso Martini as my starting point for the design as it's a cocktail I drink with my girlfriends religiously. I wanted to create something fun and colourful to represent them, whilst still incorporating the deep brown of the cocktail. Plus, what could be more fun than synchronised diving into an Espresso Martini? 

Anna Borup, an illustrator based in London, uses a bold palette to create colourful portraits, often incorporating abstract lines and shapes.

Design Inspo and Bio - Ash Bishop

I took inspiration from 1930’s European advertising and cafe fascia signage, together with quick caricatures used in mid-century show cards. The colour palette resembles the colours from the Espresso Martini cocktail.

Ash Bishop is dedicated to manufacturing and restoring signs, known for creating amazing glass signs and sign-painting around the UK and across the world. He has an eye for heritage and period detail which is translated beautifully on his work - be it wood or glass and often finished with traditional gold leaf lettering.

Design Inspo and Bio - Beth Goody

When I think of an Espresso Martini, I think of sophistication and luxury. The cocktail is bold, rich and indulgent, so I wanted my design to reflect this. Similarly to this caffeine-based cocktail, the design packs a punch in its use of colour and bold shapes. Finally, the cream and coffee layers are captured through the hidden layers within the illustration. 

Beth Goody is an illustrator and designer from a small village in Ipswich. Her work is influenced by a natural flair for graphic design and minimal approach, which favours her fascination of shapes and negative space.

Design Inspo and Bio - Caroline Dowsett

I’ve used bright colours to represent the energy and burst of life an Espresso Martini gives you, and added "BLAST" and "OFF" to the side of the bottle to represent the story of the birth of this cocktail in the 80’s, where the supermodel requested a drink at the bar which would ‘wake her up’, and Dick Bradsell subsequently created a rocket fuel cocktail for her which is now known as the Espresso Martini.

Caroline is a freelance artist and illustrator from Manchester whose work is inspired by movement, words, sounds and feelings. In her art she creates beautifully bold, colourful, fluid shapes, and uses words in a playful way to convey messages and conversations.

Design Inspo and Bio - Claire Sherston

I wanted to depict the strong juicy flavours of the Passion Star Martini in my design. I looked to tropical fruits for inspiration, then tried to depict the energetic heat of a warm summer's day through use of colour and texture, using quick, free brushstrokes to resemble this. 

An artist, printmaker and ceramicist, Claire’s style is a place where bold, bright, colours are used to express a naive freedom. Whether using paints, collage, natural dyes or digital patterns, each piece is created with thoughtful, conscious, expression at its heart using nature as the driving force behind her work.

Design Inspo and Bio - Dorcas Magbadelo

I chose the Passion Star Martini as my inspiration and thought about where I'd be drinking it; most likely on holiday, somewhere warm with bright pastel coloured buildings and cobbly streets, laughing with my best friends. I wanted the bottle to reflect this vision and at the same time play with textures and create a 3D element by working with clay. 

A self-taught artist with a mission to inspire and empower through her work, Dorcas uses bold colours and patterns taking many elements of her Nigerian heritage to create powerful and striking illustrations.

Design Inspo and Bio - Erin Aniker

This bottle is inspired by the geometric patterns and the works of 60s pattern designers Barbara Brown and op-art legend Bridget Riley as well as more abstract art by Fahrelnissa Zeid and Gülay Semercioglu. I wanted to create a colourful background pattern inspired by the Passion Star Martini and use these geometric patterns with some fun, illustrated 'sticker' style illustrations on top.

An Illustrator and Designer based in London, who draws inspiration from the op-art movement, patterns from the 60's and 70's and her dual Turkish and British heritage alongside the inclusive community she has grown up with in London.

Design Inspo and Bio - Ricky Also

Douglas Ankrah took the classic cocktail, the Martini, and remixed it by adding in passion fruit to give it a new flavour and energy. I wanted to take a similar approach to my bottle design, taking the key colours and visual elements of the passion fruit, enhancing them and mixing them in with a typographic design of the word Martini. Using the 3-dimensional aspect of the bottle to give extra depth and layers to the design. 

Ricky ALSO is an artist from Bournemouth, known for his abstract typographic style and as an active member of the international graffiti movement. Whether it’s on glass, prints or across the streets of London, look closely to see his evolving artistic work.

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