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The design item of the Born To Mix3D NFT Collection is finally revealed!

Four versions of a uniquely designed item created and signed by Italian designer Stefano Seletti exclusively for Absolut Vodka’s Born To Mix3D project.
The Design Items, each associated with a specific NFT, aspire to recreate the style of the NFT collection directly in the homes of NFT Owners.

The exclusive Lamp consists of a Limited Edition Absolut bottle, NFT Owners Exclusive, made of hollow ceramic at the top of which sits a lampshade inspired by the dancefloor from the World of Cocktails campaign.

The Espresso Martini Design Item, inspired by the namesake campaign character, features a bright lampshade in the orange color. The effervescent Vodka Tonic character, on the other hand, inspires the bright yellow Design Item. The Mule, inspired by the energetic drummer, is of an intense blue color. And finally Born To Mix, in optical white with Absolut blue details, is the most desired rarity by collectors: only 100 pieces are available!

The different levels of light intensity, easily adjustable from the top of the Design Item shade, are perfect for illuminating your evenings and accompanying drinks with friends. In addition, each Design Item comes with a neutral light and a light of the corresponding color: orange, yellow, light blue, and Absolut blue. Both lights are adjustable from a minimum to maximum intensity. You can recharge the lampshade intuitively, with a USB cable: you can take it with you recreate the Absolut atmosphere wherever you are!

But it doesn’t end here: the lampshade was developed to be placed on all (and only) Absolut bottles, to give new life and light to your favorite Limited Editions!

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