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Why have Absolut and Seletti created a NFT collection?

What happens when a visionary Italian designer meets a timeless icon like Absolut? The Seletti x Absolut Born To Mix3D project: a groundbreaking collaboration born to create a unique NFT collection and an unprecedented mix of art, design and good vibes.

Seletti is an Italian brand of figurative design based in Cicognara (Mantova) and has been around since 1964. The focus of the company has always been on creating objects that are both surprising and original, and they do a fantastic job of it! The artistic director Stefano Seletti loves to collaborate with some of the most creative minds to create truly iconic products that are on the forefront of cutting-edge design.

The story of Absolut is even longer and certainly no less successful. Absolut Vodka has been around since 1879, but it wasn’t until the 1970s that the swedish brand of vodka started gaining global recognition. It became famous for its commitment to using natural ingredients and for its marketing campaigns that emphasized the purity of the vodka.  In the 1980s, Absolut began collaborating with famous artists and designers – including Andy Warhol and Keith Haring – to create unique and visually stunning ads for the brand. This helped Absolut establish itself as a premium vodka brand and gave it a distinctive and recognizable image. The brand also released limited-edition bottles with unique designs, which became highly sought-after collector’s items.

Today, Absolut is sold in over 120 countries and is recognized as one of the world’s leading vodka brands. Absolut’s commitment to quality and innovation has helped it maintain its position as a premium brand that is loved by vodka drinkers around the world.

A think-forward spirit, a real obsession for innovation, a constantly disruptive approach are pillar values for both Absolut and Seletti. It’s been this truly common attitude that has made the two brands meet in a surprisingly natural mix.

And “mix” is really the key concept of this collaboration.

In fact, The Seletti x Absolut Born To Mix3D project is based on mixing virtual with real life, newness with heritage, the iconic shape of the Absolut bottle with the inclusive design of the Seletti products. This is how Absolut and Seletti have teamed up to release a limited-edition of Non-Fungible Tokens paired with physical design items, all featuring original designs inspired by the iconic Absolut bottle.

The Seletti x Absolut Born To Mix3D project is a bold move that aligns with both brands’ innovative and disruptive spirit. By creating a collection where the traditional art of design meets the most contemporary technology, Absolut and Seletti made a clear statement about their commitment to the future and their willingness to lead the change.

This collaboration is not only exciting for Absolut and Seletti’s fans, but also for the wider NFT community and for anyone who is driven by a constant spirit of discovery. The NFT market has exploded in recent times, with digital art and collectibles fetching the attention of medias and general audiences. The Seletti x Absolut Born To Mix3D project promises to be a key addition to the rapidly expanding world of Web 3.0.

On Friday, April 21st, the Seletti x Absolut Born To Mix3D presentation event took place in Milan.

During the exclusive cocktail party, held in the surreal Seletti showroom during Design Week, guests were transported to an amazing futuristic space by Absolut in which the virtual world of the NFTs collection was transformed into a futuristic physical club with neon lights, walls of monitors and a dancefloor that acted as a bridge between physical and digital reality: the absolute stars of the evening were the four different design items, finally unveiled: Espresso Martini, Mule, Tonic and Born To Mix.

Along with Stefano Seletti, many famous people and influencer participated to the event: Syria, Nilufar Addati, Paola Barale, Manuel Bifari, Victoria Cabello, Giovanni Caccamo, Paula Cademartori, Antonio Capitani, Eleonora Carisi, Rodrigo D’Erasmo, Barù della Gherardesca, Lavinia Fuksas, Stephanie Glitter, Stefano Guerrera, Luca Guidara, Martina Hamdy, Miriam Masciarelli, Pasquale Junior Natuzzi, Job Smeets, Fabio Novembre, Marisa Passera e Paride Vitale.

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