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What is a NFT secondary market?

A NFT secondary marketplace is a platform where people can buy and sell NFTs that have already been created and sold before.  Examples of NFT secondary marketplaces include OpenSea, Rarible, and SuperRare. These marketplaces allow users to search for NFTs based on various criteria, such as the type of NFT, the artist who created it, or its current price. Users can also see information about each NFT, including its unique identifier and history of ownership. By buying and selling NFTs on a secondary marketplace, individuals can trade unique digital assets just as they would trade physical items. Whether you are an NFT collector, an artist or just someone interested in buying and selling NFTs, a secondary marketplace is an important tool that helps you to buy and sell NFTs with ease.

The Seletti x Absolut Born To Mix3D NFT Collection will be available on OpenSea and connected/certified by the linked Absolut OpenSea account. Nevertheless, all NFT owners can decide to re-sell their own NFTs wherever they prefer.

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