Creativity has the power to create a better, more open world. That’s not a dream, it’s a reality proven by history. It helps us see the world differently. It solves problems. It brings us together.

From Warhol to Deadmau5 we’ve historically harnessed creativity’s power to move the world forward, but now we look to a new generation to tackle some of the biggest issues we face as a global society. Our task? To create a better tomorrow, tonight.

The Director – Emmanuel ‘Chivo’ Lubezki

Three times Academy Awards for Revenant, Birdman and Gravity own words about the project:
“I was immediately drawn to this project; to get to tell the story of creation through the lens of creativity. We get to show this enormous trip through space and time,
seeing these sparks of creation that have shaped the universe and moved history

Humans have the ability to visualise and invent. Realistically speaking, it’s one of the most wonderful and exciting talents of our species, and also one of the most dangerous. But I prefer to think of it as a positive force, and the force driving
progress throughout the world.”