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International Vodka Day: A Global Celebration

International vodka day is celebrated every year on October 4th. This special day is dedicated to honoring one of the most iconic and versatile spirits in the world.

When is International Vodka Day?
Every year on October 4th, vodka enthusiasts and cocktail lovers worldwide raise their glasses to celebrate International Vodka Day. This special day is dedicated to honoring one of the world’s most iconic and versatile spirits. From its origins in Eastern Europe to its global popularity today, vodka has a rich history and a place in the hearts of many. 

Celebrating International Vodka Day
International Vodka Day is a day of appreciation and celebration for a spirit that has made its mark on cultures and cocktail menus worldwide. Whether you’re a fan of classic vodka cocktails or enjoy it neat, this day is an excellent opportunity to savor the versatility and craftsmanship and try a drink you’ve never had before. 

If you’re new to drink mixing knowing where to start might be a bit difficult, but thankfully Rico is here to help sort you out! In this video, Rico will teach you a bit about vodka history, mixing techniques, and most importantly how to mix 3 of our most popular vodka cocktails at home.

 Cheers to International Vodka Day! 



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