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Absolut Warhol: Limited-Edition Bottle Celebrating Two Icons 

The most anticipated vodka launch of the year is here. We’re proud to present to you the 2024 Absolut Warhol limited-edition bottle. Absolut Warhol celebrates the legacy of collaboration between two historical icons, Andy Warhol and Absolut Vodka, mixing the past into the present.

Reignition Through Rediscovery 

Absolut Vodka, of course, has a long history of collaborating with artists and over 800 artworks have been created over the years based on the unique bottle silhouette. Check out some of them here. The first and most iconic collaboration was with Andy Warhol. 

In 1985, Warhol first created his own personal, artistic interpretation of the Absolut bottle silhouette as part of the Absolut Art campaign. Today, the original silk-screen painting ‘Absolut Warhol’ is considered iconic. Little did anyone know; it wouldn’t be the only collaboration between Warhol and Absolut. A second Warhol painting was rumored to exist but remained overlooked until Warhol’s ‘Absolut Blue’ was rediscovered in 2020. 

Now, we’re thrilled to bring the recovered Absolut ‘blue’ painting back to the public eyes. In collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Absolut is celebrating the rediscovered Warhol painting and using the bottle as a canvas to reignite the original collaboration, championing how the power of mixing people, ideas and identities through creativity can challenge convention. 

Another ‘Chance Meeting’ 

The rediscovery of the Absolut ‘blue’ painting and subsequent collaboration for the limited-edition Absolut Warhol bottle isn’t the only chance meeting between Andy Warhol and Absolut. 

There are many stories as to how Warhol came to work with Absolut. One is that he first spotted a bottle of Absolut Vodka across the bar in a famous New York nightclub. He was seduced by its apothecary-inspired bottle in the same way that other items in the grocery cart had caught his attention a decade earlier. Rumor has it that Andy even wore Absolut as a perfume. 

Bottle Design for Absolut Warhol 

The 2024 limited-edition Absolut Warhol bottle has a contemporary aesthetic which reveals a different design element from different vantage points with a multi-layered screen-printed design. The bottle combines both internal and external design components, bringing Warhol’s ‘Absolut Blue’ painting to life by the magnification from the Absolut Vodka within. 

The bottle also encompasses Warhol’s likeness, name and signature in addition to his exact interpretation of the iconic L.O. Smith medallion that appears on every bottle of Absolut Vodka. 

The Absolut Warhol bottle’s design elements feature a unique and immerse design with artistic blue brushstrokes that bring Warhol’s iconic painting to life, magnified by the Absolut Vodka liquid. In true Warhol fashion, every color is extracted directly from the original painting and made with multi-layer screen printing to create a hand-painted feeling to the touch. 

Introducing the Warhol Milk Punch 

The bottle also has a QR code on the back where you can access an immersive behind-the scenes experience that includes videos and a masterclass on how to make the new signature cocktail, Warhol Milk Punch. 

That’s right folks – you can learn how to make the Warhol Milk Punch at home. This specially curated cocktail is inspired by Andy Warhol’s infamous sweet tooth and his rumored taste for cornflakes. 

Warhol Milk Punch – a blend of Absolut Vodka and cocoa butter, smooth banana liquor, zesty lemon juice and cornflake-infused milk – goes beyond the classics to create a pour-and-serve experience that embodies the spirit of innovation and creativity. 

So, raise your glass and celebrate the release of Absolut Warhol! Experience more on Absolut Warhol here


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