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Absolut Mosaik: A collaboration of ART, DIVERSITY, AND ADVOCACY   

Absolut Vodka unveiles its highly anticipated End Of Year Limited Edition for 2023: Absolut Mosaik. In a remarkable collaboration, Absolut joined forces with British artist Olly Alexander to create a truly unique and captivating design with a just as compelling message.

Absolut’s End Of Year Limited Edition is Absolut’s largest yearly initiative, and this year’s collaboration with Olly Alexander takes it to a new level. Olly Alexander, a singer, songwriter, actor, and social activist, has left a lasting mark on the LGBTQIA+ community and mental health advocacy as a fearless voice at the forefront of discussion. His involvement in the project brings a depth of meaning to the Absolut Mosaik edition that transcends the ordinary. 

The redesign of Absolut’s iconic glass bottle brings to life what ‘Born to Mix’ means to Olly, breathing life into a design that holds great significance. 

The mosaic motif, characterized by its unique and diverse individual pieces coming together to form a harmonious whole, stands as a symbol of unity, diversity, and the strength of collective effort.  

Absolut Mosaik encapsulates the celebration of individuality, emphasizing that beyond our differences, we have the power to push boundaries, drive positive change, and create a better world. 

Starting October 1st, consumers worldwide will have the opportunity to get their hands on their very own Absolut Mosaik as the limited-edition bottle becomes available in countries worldwide, including France, Germany, Canada, Mexico, and Australia. 


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