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Absolut Vodka & SPRITE Ready-To-Drink Cocktail now available

Further to announcing the relationship in October 2023, The Coca-Cola Company and Pernod Ricard are pleased to reveal Absolut Vodka & SPRITE is now available to purchase.

Bringing together two iconic brands that have grown to have a global footprint, the new pre-mixed cocktail is made with international premium spirits brand Absolut Vodka and the loved lemon-lime sparkling soft drink, SPRITE. 

Absolut Vodka & SPRITE features two iconic global trademarks, bringing them together into a unique Ready-To-Drink pre-mixed cocktail. The design combines Absolut Vodka’s iconic bottle silhouette front and centre and a vibrant colour gradient, reflecting the perfect mix of Absolut’s full-bodied character with SPRITE’s highly refreshing lemon and lime flavour.

Francesco Ottaviano, Global RTD Portfolio Director at Pernod Ricard, adds, “While Absolut Vodka and SPRITE have long been enjoyed together around the world, we now unite two powerhouse brands in a unique ready-to-drink product. We are thrilled to present this exclusive premium proposition in a convenient and portable format to our European consumers.

The product, available in a 250mL can at 5% ABV, will firstly be launched in the United Kingdom. It will then be rolled out in other selected European markets such as Germany, Spain and the Netherlands.

Cans will include clear responsibility symbols stating that the drink is to be enjoyed only by consumers of legal drinking age. The global benchmark for alcohol beverage volume (ABV) is 5% but will vary depending on the market. Absolut Vodka & SPRITE ready-to-drink will adhere to the responsible marketing practices of Pernod Ricard and The Coca-Cola Company.


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