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Martini Day: Here’s How to Make Five Classic Vodka Martinis 

June 19 is no ordinary day. That’s right, it’s Martini Day! And that’s worth raising a glass to. The Martini is THE iconic cocktail. But where did the Martini originate from? Well, its exact birthplace has been the subject of much speculation and debate.

One of the most famous theories suggests that the Martini was concocted in Martinez, California, for a thirsty miner en route from the gold country to San Francisco. The plausibility of this anecdote is strengthened by the early name of the drink—“Martinez.” However, it wasn’t until the latter half of the 1880s that the cocktail was referred to as a Martini. Despite the apparent likelihood of this story, like all other theories about the Martini’s origins, it cannot be verified. 

Perhaps the better question to ask then is how do you like your Martini? Maybe it’s a Wet Martini with lemon zest. A Gibson Martini with a pickled onion. Or a Naked Martini – served chilled and straight up. Or maybe you’re yet to discover your favorite Martini.  

On that note, below we’re going to highlight five stunning yet super simple-to-make Vodka Martinis.  

Naked Martini  

Let’s start with the most essential tip – due to the simplicity of the Naked Martini, or any Martini for that matter, it’s crucial that you use only the finest, premium ingredients.   

A Naked Martini is essentially chilled Absolut Vodka beautifully served in a mixing glass with ice cubes. A simple but elegant accompaniment to an evening of stimulating conversation with close friends or in the sofa with your significant other.  

Don’t miss our recipe for an Absolut Martini: Absolut Martini Recipe | Absolut Drinks  

Dry Martini  

Elevate any occasion at home with a timeless classic, the Dry Martini. Similar to the Naked Martini, this refined cocktail calls for chilled premium Absolut Vodka in a mixing glass with ice cubes yet adds the elegance of Vermouth.  

Perfect for gatherings brimming with shared laughter and captivating conversation, this sophisticated libation sets the stage for an unforgettable evening. Learn how to make a Dry Martini here.

Wet Martini  

Introduce the sophisticated allure of the Wet Martini to your party and just watch how the evening transforms. Ooooh yes, the Wet Martini is one elegant cocktail.  

To craft a Wet Martini, begin by combining chilled Absolut Vodka and a generous pour of Vermouth in a mixing glass with ice cubes. Garnish with a green olive for a classic touch or opt for twisted lemon zest for an aromatic and zesty variation. Whichever you choose, the distinct notes will perfectly accompany an evening of cosmopolitan charm. 

Gibson Martini   

The Gibson Martini perfectly blends chilled Absolut Vodka and Vermouth, crowned with a tart cocktail onion for garnish. The result is a sophisticated drink that’s smooth, crisp, with a distinctive onion zing at the end 

Amidst the opulent ambiance of a dimly lit living room, the Gibson Martini is best enjoyed with friends during an evening of stimulating conversation.  

Find the recipe here.

Dirty Martini 

When you order a Martini at a bar, a bartender might ask how dirty you want it. While you might think this is an intimate invitation, the bartender is simply asking you how many olive sticks you would like in your Martini. 

The Dirty Martini starts with a base of the Naked Martini, Wet Martini, or Dry Martini. It’s your choice. Afterwards, a splash of olive brine is added, and the cocktail is garnished with an olive —or as many olives as you desire. Mmmm, oliv-licious! 

Find our recipe for an Dirty Martini here.

Looking for more Martini drink recipes? Head over to absolutdrinks.com or learn more about the history of the espresso martini here!

Happy Martini Day!


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