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8 spooky garnish ideas for your Halloween drinks

Halloween, the spookiest season of them all, is just around the corner. And what’s Halloween without a cauldron full of creatively garnished Halloween drinks? It’s time to whip up some devilishly delightful drinks and adorn them with garnishes that’ll make your guests shriek (with joy).

We’ve listed some of our killer Halloween drink recipes and matched them with spooky garnishes that capture the spirit of Halloween.

1. Eyeball Ice Cubes – works perfectly with Absolut Bloody Mary
Turn ordinary ice into an eerie experience by freezing plastic eyeballs or gummy eyeball candies into your ice cubes. As they melt, the eyeballs will give your guests a chilling surprise.

2. Blood-Red Rimming Sugar – really does the trick on a Blood and Sand drink
Give your cocktail glasses a gory makeover with blood-red rimming sugar. Moisten the glass rim with a lemon or lime wedge, then dip it into a plate of red sugar for an instantly eerie effect.

3. Spooky Stirrers: Works with any drink, but we suggest the Virgin Mary
Need something simple? Swap out ordinary swizzle sticks for Halloween-themed stirrers. Think tiny witches’ broomsticks, skeleton hands, or miniature pumpkins that will add a playful twist to your concoctions.

4. Ghostly Marshmallow Floaters – looks really good on the Corpse Reviver
Let marshmallow “ghosts” float atop your hot cocoa or spooky-themed cocktails. Draw ghostly faces on the marshmallows with edible ink markers for an extra cute (but spooky) touch.

5. Creepy Creatures on the Rim: Looks great on a drink like The Rusty Nail
Secure plastic spiders, rubber snakes, or small toy bats to the glass rims. These creepy crawlies will give your guests a delightful fright with every sip.

6. Orange bats: Created the perfect contrast for the Blue on Blue drink
Craft spooky little bats with orange peels – cut the peels in the shape of a bat and stick them onto a toothpick; simple and easy and will do the trick for a quick, easy and spook-tacular Halloween garnish.   

7. Eyeball liches: Perfect for the Absolut Pepper Bloody Mary
Creep it real with bloody eyeballs that float in your drink. Peel two lychees, carve out the core, and mash in a blueberry in the middle — perfect for any red drink as the lychee soaks the redness from the drink, making the eyeballs look extra bloody and thrilling.

8. Fruit Jack-O’-Lanterns: these look amazing on the Pumpkin Pie Martini
Carve tiny jack-o’-lanterns into orange slices and place them on the rim of your glasses. These little pumpkins will make you smile even as you enjoy your mysterious concoctions.

And here’s a bonus garnish: Dry Ice Smoke made with food-grade dry ice, because it works with just about any drink — it’s perfect if you’re seeking an extra dose of mystique. Add a tiny piece of food-grade dry ice to your drinks. It creates a spooky, smoking cauldron effect, perfect for creating an atmosphere of enchantment.

Happy Halloween!


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