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Absolut Launches New Cocktail Recipe Book

This week, Absolut launched its new cocktail recipe book — the ultimate guide for great-tasting vodka cocktails and everything you need to know to craft your own delicious masterpiece. 

Born in the small village of Åhus in Southern Sweden, where every drop is still produced to this day, Absolut shook up the premium vodka landscape when it launched internationally in 1979 to become, arguably, the most iconic vodka brand in the world.  

The book contains over 80 mouth-watering, contemporary, and classic recipes, from ‘fuss-free crowd pleasers’ to ‘cocktails to impress,’ there’s a drink for every taste and every occasion. Captured in stunning photography and packed with all the good-to-know mixing tips, sneaky little hacks, and stories worth sharing over a Cosmopolitan or two — it’s the perfect guide, gift, and coffee table book for anyone curious about the world of alcoholic beverages and making top quality drinks from home.   

Want to get your own copy? 

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