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Breaking the bias: Absolut takes on challenging stereotypes in fashion  

Experts have predicted that within five years, 90% of the content online will be generated by AI. Generative AI is trained by what is already produced, that, in return, are the base of what we see in the output of AI. We, at Absolut together with Copy Lab are dedicated to reshaping AI’s understanding of beauty and identity by challenging damaging stereotypes. Through innovative algorithms, we’ve curated a striking collection of fashion images that boldly confront outdated societal norms.  

For a long time, the beauty standards in the Fashion industry have been narrow, and even though there’s been a tremendous progress in the fashion industry, deep-seated human biases have been picked up by AI,resulting in its content reflecting outdated and narrow views of beauty and identity.  

When AI systems are trained on this sort of biased data, they not only perpetuate but also amplify existing inequalities. This not only threatens the representation of different cultures but also multiplies real-world disparities. 

This initiative between Copy Lab and us at Absolut vodka, aims to challenge the norms we see today. It strives to bring forth a more diverse and inclusive portrayal, which will shape the next generation of AI-generated images. 

Representation matters, and when you can see someone who looks like you, you feel a stronger connection to that brand. This is the power we hold in shaping AI-generated content, and as a brand that has championed the cause of inclusivity and diversity for so many years, this project is aligned with the core values that we at Absolut stand for. 

The images created with Copy Lab will feature in the second edition of the world’s first printed AI fashion magazine, Copy; and one of world’s largest royalty free stock image websites, Unsplash. By ensuring this broad accessibility, the campaign has the potential to engage a global audience, which will increase and expand the AI algorithms learning of diversity within fashion, fostering a more inclusive future. 

Click through our stunning images featured in the newest issue of Copy Magazine; the first AI Fashion Magazine in the world.


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