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Absolut x Paris Hilton
Cosmo Collection

introducing the absolut x paris hilton cosmo collection

Introducing The Absolut x Paris Hilton Cosmo Collection

An all-new blush pink drinkware line available exclusively on Amazon starting today.


Building on Paris’ best-selling cookware line, the collection marks Paris’ first foray into drinkware that includes short-stemmed, hand-blown martini glasses available in a set of two, as well as an insulated pink cocktail shaker with gold accents and a gold jigger.

cosmo in culture

Cosmo In Culture

Absolut and the Cosmo have a rich history dating back to the cocktail’s inception in 1988. Developed by Toby Cecchini at The Odeon in NYC, the modern recipe combines Absolut Citron with triple sec, cranberry juice, and lime. Popular appearances in ’90s TV shows and movies boosted its fame, and today, over 35 years later, the Cosmo remains a staple on cocktail menus worldwide, enjoying a resurgence in culture.


Elyse is gonna show you three Cosmopolitans and three snacks to pair with them!

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