Welcome to the home
of Absolut.

We think perfection comes from one place

a small Swedish village
called Åhus

obsessed with crafting a vodka
with a distinct character.

Where pure winter wheat

sourced from 450 local farmers

meets pristine water

from a naturally filtered aquifer to be precise.

And it all happens within
a 75-mile radius.

See what a 75 mile radius
looks like in your area
75 Mile Radius

Imagine if all your food and beverage was sourced from this radius, that’s pretty impressive.

A single community where passion, pride and hard work transform local ingredients into the perfect vodka

and its distillers instill
their obsession for
quality in every drop.

Before it reaches your bar
each iconic bottle is
blown to perfection.

Clear and label free

because we’ve got
nothing to hide.

Continuously distilled to ensure exceptional quality.

After all...

practice makes perfect.


A transformative process that starts in a small village in
Sweden and ends with the world’s most iconic vodka.
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