Make Your Nights #AbsolutNights

You know those nights? The nights that can happen anywhere, anytime. When a spontaneous get together turns into an unforgettable adventure. Where the people you are with is more exciting than the place you end up. When you open up to new or old friends and the conversations seem to last forever. When you are open to live in the moment and leave everything else behind. When the only things that matter are the music, the mood and the people you’re with. 

Those are the nights that memories are made of.

Those are #AbsolutNights

One Source

All #AbsolutNights start here, in the small village Åhus, Sweden. It is the passion of your #AbsolutNights that inspires our Absolut Quality. Absolut, tradition since 1879.


Ever been heartbroken and just want to stay in bed? True friends don’t let that happen, they make a night of it.


Ever felt too old to sing, to dance, to celebrate? Act the way you feel, not the way everyone thinks you should.


When was the last time you were true to yourself? Sometimes being open to new possibilities is all it takes.


Ever had a night where you found the right place for yourself, and that you never wanted to end?


Ever let the love of your life slip by? To hell with that, it's never too late