Creativity is contagious, pass it on.

Absolut are all about embracing the creative and the boundary pushing, whatever form that’s in.

This month, we celebrate all things creative and innovative by exploring the art and culture on the streets of Stockholm for Stockholm Design Week. With Fashion Week about to kick off, we take a look back at the most rule-breaking, controversial shows of seasons gone by. As well as that it’s high time for appreciating the creative women inspiring us and raising the bar right now.

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Every day and night has infinite possibilities.

The night is our playground, and we believe the key to a truly amazing night is embracing these possibilities with creativity and vitality.

To bring this belief to life, we are launching Nights by Absolut through a series of unique artistic experiences around the world, inspiring people to participate in a creative transformation of the night, and raising the bar of what to expect from a night out.