From Sweden with Love

Ever heard of a place called Åhus? Maybe not, but whether you’re sipping in São Paulo, or out in Hong Kong, you’ll probably want to raise your glass to the inhabitants of this small town in Sweden.

That’s because every single drop of the Absolut Vodka you enjoy comes from the rich wheat harvested in this one area. It’s where Absolut is produced, distilled, bottled and finally sent away by ship. 

From Sweden to the world, your cocktail has come a long way. 

Shine on

Tis the season for indulgences. And hiding away from the cold. Combine those with a bunch of your favorite people and that makes for many a festive house party. 

Why not up your home bartending skills and master a classic cocktail recipe? Because once you've mastered the original – any contempoary twist on that classic is far easier than you think (but your guests don't need to know).

It's time to take your house party to sparkling new levels.