Absolut x Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland and Absolut share the belief that what unites us is stronger than what divides us – and together we can create a better tomorrow.

We are not collaborating with someone, but with something. A progressive collective. A cultural happening. A movement that unites more than 200 countries and hundreds of thousands of souls. 

The Absolut x Tomorrowland bottle has a design full of energy and vibrancy, with the Tomorrowland Icon placed at the center. The butterfly symbolizes freedom and the beauty of nature – a way to express the purity of the human soul and its playfulness. The crown reminds us that we are one world in which we are all equal, and the eye inspires us to see the beauty of life.

Let’s join the People of Tomorrow and keep pursuing the message that is so clearly stated on the bottle; “United We Dance”. 

Another clear expression of purity is the content of the bottle. Absolut Vodka Original.

Made with Swedish Water
and Winter Wheat

Absolut Vodka Original의 맛은 어떤가요?

“입 안에 감도는 느낌이 상당히 부드럽고, 조화롭게 목구멍으로 내려가서 아주 평화롭게 안착합니다. 맛은 살짝 캐러멜과 바닐라 향이고 마무리는 신선하고 풍부한 과일 향이 납니다. Absolut Vodka는 진정한 의미의 균형과 조화를 갖췄습니다.”


Daniel, Sensory Manager, Absolut

“입 안에 감도는 느낌이 오래 남아 있어요. 맛있어요.”


Rico, Global Brand Ambassador, Absolut

“Original은 실패할 수가 없어요. 보드카에서 찾게 되는 균형감과 다목적성을 갖추고 있으니까요. 섞고 싶은 어떤 것과도 잘 어울려서 근사한 음식과 멋진 경험을 나누기에 제격입니다.”


Dudah, Absolut Brand Ambassador, Brazil

Absolut x Tomorrowland, 40% ABV

: Water, Vodka (grain distillate)
275/66 916/221
9.5 31.6
0 0
  0 0
0 0
  0 0
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