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Absolut Miami

From Dusk Till Dawn

Palm trees, flamingos, music and martini glasses. When designing this passion fruit and orange blossom flavored vodka, we wanted to take you on an adventure from dusk till dawn through the city, the sunny beaches, the vibrant nightlife and the never-ending parties defining the hot spot that is Miami. Looking at the end result, we’d like to think we succeeded.

Apart from the usual – but unexpectedly spectacular Absolut parties (if we may brag a bit), Absolut Miami played host to a number of events and artistic experiences throughout the city, inviting Miamians to join in the celebration and further extending the design concept of “from dusk till dawn”.

We have much love for the Sunshine State and the city of energy. There’s even a bottle to prove that.




Local Limited Edition


Brand Union


Bottle 750ml, Bottle 1000ml


Passion fruit, orange blossom

Bottles Produced:


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Enjoy Responsibly. Do not forward to anyone under legal drinking age.