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Absolut India

Celebrating our many identities to welcome a hopeful future

We collaborated with multidisciplinary artist Osheen Siva to launch a thought-provoking limited-edition bottle that celebrates the multifaceted identities that define the youth of India, while looking forward to a hopeful future marked by inclusivity and acceptance. The design showcases a rich blend of the traditional and the modern, representing what the future means to young Indians, and reflects Absolut’s core values of acceptance and unity.

This is the 3rd limited edition Absolut develops with India to create purpose-led and cultural campaigns, focusing on self-expression through art and design.

Artist Osheen Siva said, “I’m elated to have worked with Absolut again for this limited-edition design! The idea for this project is close to my heart and is in line with my existing practice. It is inspired by the multiplicity and plurality that exists in our society and the hope for a better future. I hope the artwork resonates with the youth of today.”




Local Limited Edition


Osheen Siva


Bottle 750ml


Absolut Vodka Original

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