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Absolut Chicago

A Flavor for the Crowd

The Chicago blues, jazz, soul, and gospel. The origin of house music and the melting pot of hip hop. Chicago has always known how to source a crowd in the name of creativity, passion and energy.

When we turned to Chicago for our upcoming launch within the Cities series, we wanted to step into that house, wrap our bottle around that soul and be part of that crowd.

So we teamed up with the modern crowd sourcers – the Chicago-based online design communityThreadless. Pioneers in community-driven design and best known for their acclaimed T-shirt designs, Threadless’s membership model routinely invites work from members, which is then voted on, with the winning designs produced.

The top contribution made byRoss Bruggink, was a humorous, creative, edgy and well-thought through design, with local details for local appeal. We couldn’t be happier.

Absolut Chicago was truly a flavor for the crowd – by the crowd. And we are proud to have played a tiny part of its ongoing history.

Speaking of flavor; Absolut Chicago was an olive- and rosemary-flavored vodka, smooth and mellow with a well-balanced spiciness – making it perfect for classics like the Dirty Martini.




Local Limited Edition


Ross Bruggink


Bottle 750ml


Olive, rosemary

Bottles Produced:


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Enjoy Responsibly. Do not forward to anyone under legal drinking age.