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Absolut Extrakt

A Bow To The Swedish Heritage

The idea behind Absolut Extrakt was to reference the world of apothecaries and how ingredients are crafted and extracted for the greatest impact.

Its juicy, well-balanced taste, with a spicy kick, was made to be enjoyed primarily as a chilled shot. The name clearly connects to the occasion. A shot is like a tincture, a concentrated and powerful extract, and Absolut Extrakt delivered just that with its fresh, spicy, smooth, and distinct character of green cardamom.

The bottle’s design is a modern tribute to the globally iconic Absolut bottle, once inspired by an old medicinal bottle. The brass cap and details have an old-world patina with references to heritage and tradition.

Absolut Extrakt, being a delicious and quality shot option, also tells the story of Absolut’s Swedish roots. Swedes have been infusing alcohol with spices, herbs, and plant extracts for centuries. The spice-infused spirit was often drunk as a shot, or a “snaps” as Swedes would refer to it, and Absolut Extrakt is a modern interpretation of that traditional Swedish snaps.





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Cardamom Flavored Spirit

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