Absolut & Mr Porter's Salone Del Mobile Cocktail

Salone Del Mobile is about to grace Milan with its presence, so Absolut and Mr PORTER have designed an elegant drink with the help of Mixologist, Mr Tristan Stephenson.

When in Milan, do as the Milanese do... and by that, we mean pour yourself a drink. But not just any drink. Your tipple of choice should mirror the chic style synonymous with this fashion capital, soon to be filled with the smartest minds in interior design. From colour blends and measurements, to style and good taste - like interiors, a great cocktail is all about getting the right balance. Here's how to design the very tasteful, very good-looking, Affinatà...


Absolut Affinatà

Mr Tristan Stephenson

Mixologist from Fluid Movement


40 ml Absolut Vodka

15 ml sweet Vermouth

1 shot espresso

Dash Cardamon bitters

Splash tonic water


First take a rocks glass and fill it with ice. Then build in the ingredients starting with the Absolut, followed by the cool espresso, sweet Vermouth, and a dash of fragrant cardamon bitters. Finish it off with a generous splash of chilled tonic water, and give it a good stir, with all the flamboyance of a gesticulating Italian. For the garnish, three raspberries and a cocktail stick provide a perfect balance for the bitterness for the epresso - perfect form I'm sure you'll agree, but not so much function after you've had three. 

Watch Mr Tristan Stephenson create the Absolut Affinatà