This Midsummer holiday, photographer Nico Guilis is transporting a slice of Golden State sunshine to Stockholm with her project Midsummer Skate.

Working with Swedish production agency and creative studio Francis Floor, Californian native Guilis will produce a series of images focusing on Swedish summer style, culminating in an exhibition at the Francis Floor shop — her first in Europe.  

Heavily entrenched with the Californian surf culture, Guilis shoots an all-women cast, while continuing her quest to find the best surf spots, which tend to also be places of immense beauty. 

Clearly living the Californian dream, the beauty artist’s gleeful shots feature backdrops of picture-perfect beaches, highly saturated palm trees, turquoise pools, vintage cars and the occasional festival. And the foreground? Well, naturally, empowered, sun-kissed female subjects, modelling floaty kimonos, kaftans, bikinis and cut-off denim. 

During the celebration of this holiday, the most important on the Swedish calendar, it will be exciting to see what elements of Swedish style Guilis catches when she visits this MIDSUMMER.