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Absolut Drop

Turning actions of hate into symbols of love

Since the early 1980’s, Absolut have been supporting the LGBTQ community. A colorful, diverse and respectful world is something to strive and work for. Not against.

We believe in creating a better, more open world. Where everyone has the freedom to express their true selves, without fear or discrimination. Where everyone has the right to love whomever they choose, wherever they come from.

Absolut Drop is the ultimate expression of this.

Racism, sexism, homofobia and fear need to stop. To add a drop of change, we attended rallies around the world collecting racist and anti-LGBT hate sign we came across. The ink of hate was reused to create new bottles of love, produced in Åhus and spread to the world.

Unfortunately hatred soon reached our social media, to what we simply respond by asking haters to send more signs so that we could make good use of it.

Hate signs were not the only thing being recycled in this campaign. The bottle has been made using 70% recycled glass, including recycled glass from previous limited-edition bottles.

Absolut Drop, our limited edition that was launched October 2018, is one of our most important and timeless campaigns to date, as it carries a message that everyone constantly needs to be reminded of.







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Brand Union


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