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Absolut Buenos Aires

The Obelisk of the City

What sees the diversity, the energy and the everyday life of Porteños in Buenos Aires? Well, the Obelisk of course.

This was the question (and answer) that brought our collaborators’ Gaspar Libedinsky and Costhanzo’s vision to life; a panoramic 360 degree design seen through the Obelisco de Buenos Aires – visualising Borges and his labyrinths, the cinemas, theatres, bars, the bus, football, tango, and all of the other pieces that form what it is to be a ‘porteño’.

Making the Absolut bottle the obelisk of Buenos Aires for a brief moment, inviting locals and the world to get a glimpse of the soul of the city, was just as beautiful and brilliant as the design on the bottle.




Local Limited Edition


Gaspar Libedinsky and Costhanzo


Bottle 750ml


Absolut Vodka Original

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