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Absolut Korea

A Taste of Ancient History and Bright Future

Created in collaboration with contemporary Korean artist, Heo Wook, the multidimensional bottle design reflects a unique vision of Korea;

Each piece of the Korean letters from the Hangul alphabet fits together like pieces of a puzzle, where the consonants and vowels are intricately combined to form the word Absolut.

The five symbolic Korean ‘obang’ colors blue, red, yellow, white and black. Yellow, the Korean symbol for ‘center’, ‘bright’ and ‘hope’, stands out prominently, symbolizing the dynamic and bright future of Korea.

The design celebrates the country’s past while reinterpreting it for the modern day. And we think it’s beautiful.

With a flavor mixture that goes beyond exceptional, the taste of Absolut Korea is inspired by Korean Kimchi, a smooth and peppy blend of coffee, almond and chili flavor that starts with a hint of mild sweetness and finishes with spice. The selection of flavors provide a contrasting yet surprising and well-balanced blend of bittersweet and spiciness – the authentic taste of Korea.




Local Limited Edition


Heo Wook


Bottle 750ml


Coffee, almond, chili

Bottles Produced:


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Enjoy Responsibly. Do not forward to anyone under legal drinking age.