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Absolut Canada

A Tribute to 150 Years of Forward Thinking

What do you get for a country’s 150th birthday? A limited edition Absolut bottle sounded like an ideal gift from us.

Much like Absolut, Canada has a long history of diversity, inclusiveness and innovation. So to help us celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, we sought someone who exemplifies those same values to collaborate with us on a limited edition Absolut bottle – Canadian textile artist Libs Elliott.

An innovator at heart, Libs is famous for creating unique quilts using age-old methods blended with cutting edge technology. Each quilt ends up being a one-of-a-kind variation of colour, shapes and fabric – a fitting metaphor for Canada. “We’re also all these different pieces, shapes and colours,” says Libs, “with different beliefs, customs and values – but we all somehow fit together.”

Her Absolut Canada bottle design – created through the same process as her quilt-making – features traditional Canadian motifs and colours to reflect the pride we all shared in this special anniversary. It was also a fitting way for Absolut to celebrate Canada’s rich heritage while looking forward to what lies ahead of us.

Happy birthday Canada! Here’s to 150 years of forward thinking.





Local Limited Edition


Elizabeth (Libs) Elliott,


Bottle 750ml


Absolut Vodka Original

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