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Absolut Comeback

Good Makes A Great Comeback

At Absolut, we see power and beauty in waste and we believe that with little creativity we can all make something old and unwanted come back around in a new form.

With the launch of Absolut Comeback, Absolut wanted to encourage recycling and a more circular lifestyle that has less impact on our planet. The bottle was made with more than 41% recycled glass, just like all Absolut’s bottles.

Sustainability has been part of Absolut’s mission for many years and it is striving for a more circular world in which resources are reused again and again to benefit local economies, communities and ecosystems.

Marking the launch of the new limited edition bottle, Absolut cocreated a guide to a circular living together with a collective of inspirational minds across the sustainability and creative industries. The guide brings together hacks, insights and anecdotes from the influencers, environmental journalist, and many other progressive creators for an easy-to-follow plan that supports us on our journey to living a more circular lifestyle.

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Global Limited Edition


Drama Queen


Bottle 700ml, Bottle 750ml, Bottle 1000ml


Absolut Vodka Original

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