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Absolut 72 Bian

A Story of Transformation

Absolut 72 Bian, featuring the work of young Chinese artist Gao Yu, was our first limited edition bottle for China.

Gao Yu’s design was inspired by the ancient Chinese fable, “Journey to the West,” a heroic story about the monkey king Sun Wukong who acquires the power to undergo 72 transformations (or 72 bian). Using his fearlessness and creativity, he is able to overcome all obstacles.

As 2010 is the year of the Tiger according to the Chinese calendar, Mr. Gao added tiger stripes to the monkey king’s face as a nod to the traditions.

Despite our geographical distance and cultural differences, we can genuinely relate to the history of an icon, in constant transformation, making progress by being bold and creative.




Local Limited Edition


Gao Yu


Bottle 700ml


Absolut Vodka Original

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