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Absolut Craft

A Very Limited Edition. For a Very Limited Crowd.

A different take on how we offered our limited editions, Absolut Craft was a product designed specifically for the global bartending community and made available exclusively to bartenders in select bars and restaurants around the world.

Developed in close partnership with mixology extraordinaire, Nick Strangeway, Absolut Craft comprised a small-batch of three unique flavors, painstakingly curated by Nick and our team over two years.

Herbaceous Lemon: made with a blend of lemon verbena, lemon thyme and lemon myrtle.

Smokey Tea: a gentle, smokey flavour that came from an infusion of Lapsang Souchong tea, hints of orange peel, cloves and ginger.

Bitter Cherry: an authentic cherry flavour, countered by notes of bitter, dark chocolate.

Matching these sophisticated new flavors, we gave the Absolut Craft bottles a subtle silver-grey metallic coating, inspired by Victorian medicine flasks.

One master bartender. Two years. Three unique flavors. And only 2500 bottles. We’re very proud of this one.





Global Limited Edition


Nick Strangeway


Bottle 750ml, Bottle 700ml


Herbaceous Lemon, Smokey Tea, Bitter Cherry

Bottles Produced:


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