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Absolut Mosaik

We’re all unique. Unique but not alone.

This year’s Limited Edition Absolut Original Vodka bottle is designed in collaboration with the iconic popstar, Olly Alexander from Years & Years.

The concept celebrates everyone being different and symbolizes that with our individuality, we’re all important parts of a greater whole. 

Just like a mosaic, where every piece is unique and together creates something beautiful, the bottle itself is the representation of inclusivity and diversity. Highlighting the importance of coming together and further bringing our Born To Mix message to the world.  

The bottle features an Olly Alexander Signature Medallion, exclusive to the UK

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Olly Alexander LEB

“As humans we are so multifaceted, I wanted my design with Absolut to nod to our individuality but also reflect our diverse human nature. I thought a mosaic was a nice way to illustrate how we are all unique but when we mix together, we have the power to create something beautiful.”


– Olly Alexander

Absolut Mosaik Vodka Limited Edition
Absolut Limited Edition Mosaik

Absolut Vodka Flasche Special Edition Mosaik

Limited Edition der Absolut Original Vodka Flasche 2023

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Absolut Mosaik Vodka Limited Edition

Enjoy Responsibly. Do not forward to anyone under legal drinking age.