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Absolut San Francisco

The Vodka by the Bay

Grape, dragon fruit and papaya. The flavors of Absolut San Francisco were an homage to the cultural and ethnic diversity of the city, each with its own special meaning; the grape representing the Wine Country, the dragon fruit a wave to SF’s Asian community and the papaya a shout-out to the city’s Latin residents.

Absolut San Francisco’s limited-edition bottle was designed with a “freedom of expression” theme in mind. An illustration of San Fran’s famous cityscape, featuring the Golden Gate bridge, was included on the label. Visible from the reverse side of the bottle were mock protest signs shouting slogans like “Speak up!” and “Be Proud!”. Ideals the people of San Francisco hold true to their hearts.

As a parting gift to express our love for San Francisco we donated $50,000 to Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco – an organization that focuses on building families a future in the Bay Area.

Vodka on The Rock (well, near enough).




Local Limited Edition




Bottle 750ml


Grape, dragon fruit, papaya

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