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Absolut London

Capturing the Spirit of London

The 18th-century dandy. The Dickensian scallywag. The pinstripe-suited gent about town. The swinging 60s chick. The punk rocker. The rude-boy ska fan. The 80s-casual lad. All iconic London looks spanning the last two centuries, depicted here on our Absolut London limited edition bottle.

Absolut London was the seventh of our limited edition “Cities” series. For the bottle design we collaborated with one of the UK’s most famous and internationally renowned graphic designers – his style is so recognizable we shouldn’t need to tell you his name.

Ok yes, it’s Jamie Hewlett.

Alongside the limited edition bottle we rolled out “The Spirit of London” microsite – an online space that provided back-stories for each character featured on the bottle and also encouraged users explore London’s cultural heritage through the ages.

Absolut London proved a hit when it launched, it sold-out almost immediately. You didn’t get one? It’s OK. Keep calm and carry on looking.




Local Limited Edition


Jamie Hewlett


Bottle 700ml


Absolut Vodka Original

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