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Absolut Colors

Proud to believe in equality

The rainbow flag. A proud champion of love and freedom of expression. A symbol that unites liberated minds, that encourages people to be who they are.

Absolut Colors. A true belief that everyone has the right to express themselves in any way possible. Love whomever you want to love. Be who you are.

For this limited edition it only made sense to collaborate with artist Gilbert Baker, one of the most prominent forces of the modern LGBT movement and designer of the original rainbow flag back in 1978. Dressed in the Pride flag, the Absolut Colors bottle design was both a nod to our long-standing support for the LGBT community as well as a pledge to continue our support for equality.

Inspiring the world to see how all love is equal, Absolut created a short film documenting a surprise proposal from one lover, Amanda, to another, Paige. We took them back to the beach where they had their first date. A series of clues lead to a proposal of a lifetime. A beautiful memory was preserved forever.

Absolut Colors manifested the important message of solidarity, love and respect for diversity.

Absolut believes #loveislove. And that love is all you need.




Local Limited Edition


Gilbert Baker, Family Business


Bottle 700ml, Bottle 750ml, Bottle 1000ml


Absolut Vodka Original

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Enjoy Responsibly. Do not forward to anyone under legal drinking age.