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Absolut Voices

Inspiring wavemakers to make their voices heard by celebrating expressive minds around the world.

Embodying our core belief that the world becomes a better place when we mix together beyond differences, Absolut Voices shakes things up by encouraging people to open up and (re-)connect – for more inspiring and memorable moments.

Bringing the brand’s core belief to life, Absolut Voices literally made waves with a unique bottle design featuring illustrations of expanding soundwaves on a bottle containing 80% recycled glass. This release is a celebration of the wavemakers and the trailblazers. It’s a powerful reminder of how bringing people from all walks of life closer can empower simple ideas of love, unity, celebrations and collectivity, to become something grander beyond their closest circles.

Looking through the sapphire blue glass, the premium spirit within is waiting to be unbottled, in which every ingredient is sourced from southern Sweden. Every drop of water and every seed of wheat coming from one source, one village and one community. The limited edition also features a custom medallion in one of four vibrant colors.

No matter where, or with whom you’re mixing in the world, you can connect with Absolut. As Elin Furelid, Global Head of Absolut Portfolio & Design, said on the subject:

Celebrating diverse and different viewpoints has always been in our spirit. From championing international artists and activists in the 80s, to our longstanding support of the LGBTQ+ community, including our collaboration with the Gilbert Baker Foundation, who are dedicated to the legacy of the Rainbow Flag’s original creator. We’re continuously inspired by the idea that the world becomes a better place when we come together beyond differences, share good times and empower one another. That spirit is what Absolut Voices is all about.

Absolut Voices was released in a limited run-on October 1st 2021.




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