Absolut Äpple

Apple flavored Vodka

Sorry for the pronunciation, we’re Swedes. Anyhow; Absolut Äpple was introduced to the world in 2011, and has ever since put a smile on red apple and ginger taste loving people’s faces. And it turned out to be quite a few of them. Of us. Big fans of red apple. If like us, you’re into ginger, then add another twist to the twist with an Absolut Ginger Smash. Or bring some extra natural sweetness to the Absolut Mule, making it a (yes, you guessed it) Absolut Apple Mule.


What does Absolut Äpple taste like?

“You get distinct notes of red apple for sure and leaves you with a hint of ginger.”


Daniel, Sensory Manager, Absolut

“This is warm apple pie. With some spicy notes in the end.”


Rico, Global Brand Ambassador, Absolut

“It’s a very Swedish taste. It’s not like your typical crisp apple, it’s more like a porous, grainy red and pink fall apple. Voluminous.”


Jakob, Drinks & On-Trade Specialist, Sweden

Absolut Apple, 40% ABV

Prísady: voda, vodka (obilný destilát), prírodná aróma
Na 30 ml alkoholu Na 100 ml alkoholu
Energie (kJ/kcal) 275/66 916/221
Alkohol (g) 9,5 31,6
Celkový obsah tuku (g) 0 0
  Nasýtené mastné kyseliny (g) 0 0
Sacharidy (g) 0 0
  Cukry (g) 0 0
Bielkoviny (g) 0 0
Soľ (g) 0 0


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